Facilities & Activities – Practical Pistol Range

The Practical Pistol Ranges offer shooters two areas with a little more flexibility for pistol practice. One side has an upper and lower bowling pin area with resettable steel plate racks. The other side offers an open area for freestanding targets. Neither range has a jacketed ammo restriction leaving more options open for the shooter.

Features include:

  • Bowling Pins (.22 rimfire, medium bore, large bore)
  • Resettable steel plate rack
  • Open distance range for cardboard and paper target shooting
  • Regular bowling pin matches
  • Regular USPSA style matches

Direct Practical Pistol Range questions, and certification requests to Range Chair, Bob Young by emailing [email protected].

Range Notes

Welcome to the Practical Pistol Range. This range provides three separate areas to practice your shooting skills. On the left side of the range there are two tables set up for shooting bowling pins. There are Bowling Pin matches held weekly on Monday evenings starting in April. Above the bowling pin area is a plate rack for members to practice shooting steel plates at 50’. On the right side of the Practical Pistol range you will find a large area to practice your shooting skills. This area is used for Rimfire Plate matches on the last Sunday of every month. There are also weekly USPSA practical shooting style matches held every Saturday morning. Please refer to the range safety rules prior to using the Practical Pistol Range. For new members looking to receive certification to use the Practical Pistol Range or to get more information about the various matches that are available to all Quaker Hill members and their guests please text Bob at 860.235.7846.

Range Events

DateRange Event
10/29/23Rimfire Plate match

This plate match will be for rimfire pistols and rifles. The match starts at 9am and is $5 per gun. $10 for both pistol and rifle. This is a fun match for all ages and levels of shooting!! Any questions please contact Mike McInerney at 860.705.1661.